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The Department of Architecture & Interior Design is one of the oldest Departments of the Institute. The course was started along with inception of the Institute in 1965 as Department of Architecture, later on the Interior Design part was also added to make it more specialized to suit the demands of the construction industry, and the name was changed to Department Of Architecture And Interior Design in 2007-08.The pass out students of this Institute are working in the various Govt. departments / private architects offices / Builders offices. After completing the course the interested students may obtain a degree equivalent to B. Arch. through correspondence course from IIA Mumbai, which enable them to run their own firms.



Excellence In Architectural And Interior Design Education For Women Empowerment.




1. To ensure updated curriculum consistent to the changing needs of the building industry by having close interaction with its stakeholders.

2. To ensure an environment conducive to student centric teaching learning backed by state of the art infrastructure facilities and conducting workshops, seminars, guest lecturers to always remain at the cutting edge of technology and management practices.

3. To cultivate the spirit of creativity, innovation along with best practices and ethics and promote short term training programmes  and consultancy services to provide exposure to students about work culture and  revenue generation

4. To extend reach up to the distant one and provide an enabling environment for disadvantaged sections of society.


Programme Educational Objectives

1. To prepare graduates with necessary skills required to take up gainful employment in the field of Architecture and Interior Design

2. To train students with basic knowledge of core areas associated with Architectural and Interior Design crucial to execute a design project.

3. To develop the ability in students to comprehend the project requirements, analyze the available information and assist in developing design solutions and present in the form of drawings.

4. To expose students to the professional work culture and inculcate professional and ethical attitude, effective communication , teamwork and encourage continuous learning.



1. Graduates will demonstrate basic knowledge of Architectural engineering and Interior design in drafting and supervision of construction projects.

2. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to work out alternatives for various design and costing problems based on available data

3. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to develop design solutions for various type and scale of project e.g. Landscape Design, Furniture Design, Interior Design, Housing etc. based on the specifications and requirements.

4. The graduate will have the ability to extract the relevant information from the Literature, Rules, Regulations, Codes, and Standards and apply it in architectural & Interior Design process

5. The graduates will have all the necessary competence to use basic computing tools and advanced CAD and Modelling tools. Simultaneously He/she will also be well acquainted with the use of latest Surveying tools.

6. The graduate will be well conversant with the general health, safety and Planning norms applicable to the building sector.

7. The graduate will be exposed to the impact of building industry on the environment and shall have the necessary knowledge of sustainable development.

8. The graduates will have the understanding of various rules, regulations and responsibilities associated with the profession.

9. The graduates will have the necessary temperament and work culture to perform as a team member.

10. The graduates shall have the effective communication skills to express themselves in writing and verbal forms.

11. The graduates will have the ability to perform in sync with the other parties involved in the execution of the project including the design team and the site people.

12. The graduates will understand the importance of updating himself/herself with latest market practices and will be capable of acquiring advanced knowledge and skills through self-learning process





The department has well-qualified and trained faculty supported by trained technical staff. Staff members undergo several programs from time to time for skill and knowledge enhancement. Students also benefit from the guest lectures of experts in the relevant fields. There is also a provision of guest faculties.






Year Of Experience




Contact number


Smt. Aradhana Hans



3 Years Industrial +

17 Years Teaching


Urban Planning




Smt. Sushma Ghokhle

Selection Grade Lecturer


2 Years Industrial+

15 Years Teaching


Urban Planning



3 Mrs. Keerti Garg Selection Grade Lecturer B.Arch. M.Arch. (Environmental Engineering & Planning)

 01 Year Industrial+

16 Years Teaching

02 Environmental Planning 9425029900


Mr. Prateek Manke

Selection Grade Lecturer


5 Years Industrial+

15 Years Teaching


Building Energy



5 Mrs. Charumitra Patil Sr. Lecturer B.Arch. M.Arch. (Environmental Planning)

 10 Years Industrial+

06 Years Teaching

02 Environmental Planning 9752333909



Supporting Staff:






Mr. Nitin Sonkusre

Jr. Instructor


Mr. Kamlesh Soni

Skill Assistant


Mr. Akhil Verma

Skill. Asstt.


Course Details:



1. Basic Design

2. Graphics-I

3. Introduction to Personal Computers

4. Building Materials & Construction-I

5. Workshop

6. ProfessionalActivity


1. Design-I

2. Graphics-II

3. Building Materials & Construction-II

4. Computer Aided Drafting

5. Communication Skill


1. Design-II

2. Building Materials & Construction-III

3. Advanced CAD

4. History Of Architecture

5. Surveying & Levelling

6. ProfessionalActivity


1. Design-III

2. Building Materials & Construction-IV

3. Estimating & Costing

4. Building Services-I

5. Digital Production Drawing

6. ProfessionalActivity


1. Design-IV (Landscape & Urban Design)

2. Furniture Design & Detailing

3. Specification Writing

4. Building Services-II

5. Professional Activity


1. Professional (In-plant) Training

2. Elective

            1-Environmental Planning & Landscape Design

                    2-Environmental Science – Buildings & Energy

3. Professional Activity



Seminars & Lectures:

1.Building by-laws

2.Knock-down furniture

3.Professional Awareness

4.Production Drawing

5.Electric Workshop Tools


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